About Bries aan Zee

Bries aan Zee is an online webshop specialized in dried flowers, bouquets of dried flowers and decoration for the interior. Bries aan Zee has a close collaboration with the leading producer of Dutch dried flowers. In 1982, the production of dried flowers from Dutch soil started. Over time, a unique drying process has been developed. Today the most important Dutch dried flower producer in the world!

Today, this process still guarantees the best colour and quality retention of dried flowers. Dried flowers owe their reputation to their sustainability, but also to their 100% natural product identity. In recent years there has been a growing interest in handmade, natural, rustic products. Dried flowers and bouquets made from dried flowers fit extremely well into this trend. In summary, dried flowers are available all year round. Dried flowers such as Nigella, Helichrysum, Delphinium, Rodanthe, dried Roses, Acroclinium, Sanfordii, Echinops and last but not least Lavender, but also grains such as Avena, Triticum, Phalaris, Lagurus are all available at Bries aan Zee.

We dye our dried flowers ourselves in our own dyeing facility, which means that we can continuously supply trendy and seasonal colours. For Christmas, for example, we have Triticum in different colours with or without glitter. Although our flowers only bloom in summer, our extensive stock ensures that the best quality dried flowers are available all year round.

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