Preserved flowers, branches and mosses for a very long shelf life

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SALE |  Dried Broom Bloom Bunch Preserved Bleached Lilac
SALE |  Dried Gypsophila mini preserved pink
SALE |  Dried Broom Bloom Bunch Preserved Bleached Pink
SALE35 = 35% DISCOUNT Preserved Red Gypsophila
Preserved Red Gypsophila
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SALE |  Dried Gypsophila mini preserved lilac
SALE35 = 35% DISCOUNT Preserved reindeer moss green
Preserved reindeer moss green
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A wide range of fresh branches and foliage. Preserved greenery, preserved dried flowers and preserved branches of, for example, eucalyptus in various species. Preserved mosses and reindeer moss in various colours. In the creative field, you can fully indulge in our fresh and preserved greenery when you are busy making your decorative and natural creations such as bouquets, rings, wreaths or bouquets.

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