Triticum Aestivum dried flowers | Dried wheat in various colors

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Triticum Aestivum dried flowers or dried wheat. Available in many different colours. Artisanal dried wheat from the Netherlands. Quality in every bunch of dried flowers.

Triticum aestivum, more commonly known as "common" wheat, is a grass plant that originated in Western Asia but is now grown around the world. Our wheat is sown, grown, harvested and dried in the Netherlands. Through years of experience, we harvest the crop earlier than for grain production, which ensures that the stems are firmer and the heads remain in good condition.

Our stems come long and in an upright bunch, the wheat does well in a vase or as a window decoration and because it is available in a wide range of colors you will always find one that suits your style. Dried Triticum aestivum lasts for years without fading and can form a beautiful combination with both fresh and dried products, such as Rhodanthe, Lonas or Helichrysum or another type of dried flowers that you can order online at Bries aan Zee. Dried wheat in many colours, quick and easy ordering, fast and accurate delivery to any address in Europe.