Strelitzia dried flowers | Dried Bird of Paradise flowers in different colours

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Strelitzia dried flowers or dried Bird of Paradise flowers in different colors. The dried leaves are about 65 centimeters long and packed per 10 stems.

Strelitzia dried flowers, dried bird of paradise flower, bird of paradise, bird of paradise flower, bird of paradise plant or bird's head flower is one of the most exclusive flowering houseplants in the world. These beautiful plants originate from South Africa. The plant gets its nickname from the shape and color of the flowers. These houseplants belong to the Strelitziaceae family of plants. So we dry and dye the beautiful, winding leaves of this plant.

Strelitzia or Bird of Paradise are native to South Africa. They are a popular tropical garden and landscape plant as well as a cut flower. The leaves are also dried and dyed and once dried they have interesting, squiggly shapes. The dried leaves are 60 centimeters long, with 10 stems per bunch.