Setarea dried flowers | Dried Foxtail in various colors

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Setarea dried flowers or dried Naaldaar. Also known as Dried Foxtail or Foxtail Grass. Available in many different colours.

Setaria Macrochaeta takes its name from the Latin seta, meaning 'hair'. This refers to the hairy spike of the plant. In addition, macrochaeta translates to "large brushy surface," which describes the blunt surface of the grass's ear. This also explains the common name of this crop: foxtail grass. One can quite easily see a resemblance between a foxtail and the Setaria plant. Our Setaria macrochaeta is grown and dried in the Netherlands. Due to its rustic appearance, this crop evokes the feeling of the forests and the wilderness. Still, the texture of Setaria is very soft and tactile. It can make a bouquet that looks a bit bare look fuller and the shape gives a soft and delicate touch. Presented in a wide range of colours, it can be easily combined with dried wheat, Lona dried flowers or Nigella dried flowers.

Editor's note; in the vernacular (flower auction language) these dried flowers are also called Bear Cocks, we have no idea why ;)