Rosa dried flowers | Dried roses in various colors

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Rosa dried flowers or professionally dried roses. Available online in various colors and lengths. Large-flowered dried roses and dried spray roses dried flowers.

Would you like to surprise someone with very long-lasting roses? Then order the dried roses from Bries aan Zee. These rose dried flowers are professionally dried and are therefore suitable for at least six months to put on the table.

A dried spray rose is a naturally colored rose with clusters of flowers on a stem or branch of a stem, and when dried the color becomes deeper and more intense. Also known as Rosa Polyantha or Rosa Multiflora. The natural colors of the spray roses give a cheerful feeling to your bouquet. This makes the Rosa Polyantha especially suitable for use in the summer. This product mixes well with poppies (Papaver) or wheat (Triticum), but by combining all the colors of the spray roses you can form a beautiful composition.