Phalaris dried flowers | Dried canary grass in various colours

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Phalaris dried flowers or dried canary grass in various colours. Traditionally dried Phalaris, can be ordered online. Canary grass dried flowers with a long shelf life.

The Phalaris Canariensis, better known as Canary grass, comes, as the name implies, from the Canary Islands, but is now grown all over the world. Canada is currently the largest producer of Phalaris Canariensis, but our canary grasses are sown, grown, harvested and dried in the Netherlands. Phalaris is also grown as a food crop and birdseed, but certainly also as fantastic dried flowers.

Dried Phalaris can be added to any flower arrangement or dried bouquet and certainly looks good when combined with other dried grasses or colorful dried flowers. Just a few stems in your bouquet and the feeling is natural and stylish. Phalaris grasses also color very well (they absorb the paint nicely and evenly) and we can supply in a wide range of extravagant colors such as fresh dark blue and intense orange. For a softer look, we like to work with "misty" pastel shades.