Limonium dried flowers | Dried Statice in various colors and types

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Limonium dried flowers or dried Statice in various colors and types such as Diamond, Sinuata, Tatarica and dried Statice Selvatica. Available in different colours.

Dried Statice Limonium
Limonium is also called Sea Lavender or Statice, and this herbaceous perennial has been growing in popularity in recent times, with major investment in breeding new varieties and colors. This variety is called Limonium sinensis and is more commonly known as Limonium than Statice. The small flowers are produced on a small twig and are very popular as a dried flower. Until recently they were considered quite old-fashioned and now a new generation of florists are discovering them all over again. These natural purple dried flowers are 65-75cm long and combine very well with all our other beautiful naturally dried Dutch flowers.

Dried Statice Sinuata
Statice sinuata, Limonium sinuatum, Wavyleaf or Sea Lavender is known for its use in dried flower compositions. The name is derived from the depth of the bloom and the ridges of the blossoms. Statice is available in many beautiful natural colours, dries well and our grading meets the highest standards. Statice sinuata makes a lovely combination with Acroclinium, but can also be mixed with our more naturally colored products, such as Setaria or Nigella flower, adding brightness and color to any dried flower display.

Dried Statice Tatarica
Also known as the German Statice, the Statice tatarica is known for its habit of growing close to the ground. The plant belongs to the Limonium genus and comes in a wide variety of colors. The Statice tatarica grows naturally in almost all parts of the world, but our crop is sown, grown, harvested and dried in the Netherlands. This flower is sold per kilogram, so tightly packed it looks best. It works very well as a ground cover in a composition, but is also a great filler and currently popular again for floral clouds. Each stem is covered with the small bracts and flowers. The German Statice is always a very popular choice, but also looks fantastic in combination with other dried products.