Lagurus Ovatus dried flowers | Dried hare tails in various colors

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Buy Lagurus Ovatus dried flowers or dried hare tails in the dried flower webshop of Bries aan Zee. Simply order Lagurus dried flowers online, delivered quickly and reliably.

Lagurus Ovatus dried flowers, dried hare tails, bunny tails or sometimes even hare tail grass are a perfect ornamental grass for drying. We have dried these lagurus dried flowers by hand and are suitable to enjoy for months. Lagurus dried flowers, like many other dried flowers, can be kept for at least six months without loss of quality or colour. Dried lagurus look fantastic when dried naturally. In addition to beautiful natural forests of Lagurus dried flowers, these beautiful plumes can also be dyed perfectly. Lagurus dried flowers are therefore available in a large number of different colors in the Bries aan Zee webshop. Which color lagurus dried flowers are your favorite? You can buy them quickly and easily in the dried flower webshop of Bries aan Zee.

Hare tails or Lagurus Ovatus originate from the Mediterranean region, but this crop is also grown in the Netherlands. In addition to Dutch Lagurus, we also like to import Lagurus from Italy, because of the climate and the excellent quality of the dried flowers. Hare tails are perfect as a "solo bouquet" in a beautiful vase, but we also like to combine them with thistles, Delphinium or dried Daisies (Acroclinium).