Gypsophila dried flowers | Dried Baby's Breath in different colours

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Gypsophila dried flowers or dried gypsophila. The flowers are small, fine, delicate and subtle. The dried gypsophila is about 70 centimeters long.

Gypsophila dried flowers or dried Gypsophila is grown all over the world as a cut flower. Gypsophila paniculata is the most widely grown and there are many cultivars that are commercially produced. It takes its name from 2 Greek words gypsos (gypsum) and philios (loving) so many varieties seek out gypsum rich soil. In addition to being loved by florists, stems also contain saponins, meaning the chemical compounds can be used to make soaps or detergents. Be careful, as the dried flowers, like the fresh ones, can be toxic to cats and dogs. These naturally white flowers are small, delicate and subtle and the stem length is 60 to 70 centimeters.

Gypsophila dried flowers or dried Gypsophila is widely used at weddings and other parties as table decoration, flower arrangements or as loose branches in vases.