Danae Racemosar dried flowers | Dried ruscus in various colors

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Danae Racemosa dried flowers or dried Ruscus branches in various colors including bleached Ruscus dried flowers. Springy branches with small, cute leaves.

Ruscus dried flowers, or dried Danae racemosa, is native to Asia and seems to have arrived in Italy in the time of Lorenzo il Magnifico by missionaries who fled from those distant lands. Around 1920, growers from Liguria, a province in northwestern Italy, began to grow this Danae racemosa on a larger scale to sell in the flower markets of Pescia and San Remo. Cultivation usually takes place through the widely used method, under shade made of shade nets.

The plant is evergreen, formed by branches with a length between 40 and 90 cm, and to a limited extent also up to 120 cm. Ruscus is selected by stem, weight and length. The new season starts in June and continues until the following year in about April/May, depending on the weather. After drying, bleaching and possibly painting the Ruscus, it is available in our webshop.