Chardon dried flowers | Dried thistles in all kinds and colors

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Dried thistles in all kinds and colors. Dried Chardon thistles, bullet thistles, Cardi Stella thistles, teasel thistles and many more varieties.

Also commonly known as Teasel or Teazle. These perennials are native to Europe and North Africa. They were called teasels because they were often used to comb out the fluff from wool in the textile industry. Plants can grow up to 2 meters high and the seeds are important for birds. They are often grown in wild gardens. The dried teasel stems are fantastic dried stems that give structure and texture to arrangements. They can also be dyed and bleached. The thistles vary enormously in length, some bushes are 40 centimeters long, while dried thistles of 100 centimeters are also available.