Bupleurum dried flowers | Dried gold screen in various colors

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Bupleurum dried flowers or dried gold screen flower is a very popular dried flower because of its beautiful fresh colours.

The dried flowers are about 65 centimeters and available in various colours. Bupleurum is a genus of the umbellifer family (Umbelliferae / Apiaceae). The botanical name Bupleurum comes from the Ancient Greek word 'boupleurs' = rib of ox. The genus has about 200 species.

Bupleurum is a very popular filler flower or leaf because of the beautiful fresh colors. It is also a very popular dried stem, as it helps create contrast with some of the brighter, showier blooms and also works well as a filler. It belongs to the Apiaceae family and has also been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine, often used to treat liver complaints. The bunches of dried flowers are 55-65 cm long and are available in a large number of colours.