Broom Bloom Dried Flowers | Dried Brem in different colors

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Broom Bloom dried flowers is also known as Cytisus Scoparius and dried Broom. This bushy bunch of dried flowers used to be used as a broom.

Broom Bloom dried flowers is also known by their Latin name Cytisus scoparius or simply dried Broom. They are grown and harvested in Italy and can be bleached or colored with a whole rainbow of colours. They make a wonderful base for arrangements and are often used as one of the components in floral clouds. They can even be made into whole clouds and they are one of the most popular dried flowers.

Broom Bloom is a large, deciduous shrub, resembling gorse, but without the spines. This member of the pea family is common on heathland, in open woodland and along hedgerows, and can also be found on the coast. The bright yellow flowers appear in spring, from April to June, and smell like vanilla. It's quite likely that Broom got its name from the fact that its long, whip-like stems were cut and tied together to make brushes. Although a number of similar types were also used in this way, Broom Bloom created the best brooms!