Avena Sativa dried flowers | Dried oats in all kinds of colors

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Avena dried flowers, better known as dried oats, is timeless and perfect to use in a bouquet or wreath of dried flowers. You can buy natural dried oats or oats in a color here. The webshop for dried oats and all other dried flowers.

Avena Sativa, what we better know as oats, originates from Southeast Europe and Southwest Asia, but our oats are grown and harvested in Dutch fields. Oats are a small-grain cereal, similar to rice, teff, wheat, barley and rye. Oats originate from the region of Turkey, Iraq and Iran. This region is also known as 'the Fertile Crescent'. Most oats in the world are produced in this area.

Our Dutch oats can be sown from mid-February to the second week of April. The harvest on sandy soil is possible from mid-July to mid-August and on clay soil from the beginning of August to the end of August. After harvesting the fresh oats, the forests go to the drying ovens to turn into long-lasting dried flowers.

The stems of dried oats are charming and very beautiful when used in any natural bouquet or wreath of dried flowers. They are the perfect grass to combine with, for example, dried rhodanthe, dried wheat, beautiful poppies, Acrolinium or other natural dried flowers.