Wide range of dried flowers, best quality dried flowers. Buy dried flowers online, delivered quickly. Dried flowers in many colors and types.

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Buy dried flowers at Bries aan Zee. The best quality dried flowers. Simply buy dried flowers online, delivered quickly. Order dried flowers in many colors and types.

Dried flowers! At Bries aan Zee you can buy your favorite dried flowers online. We offer a wide selection of dried flowers in all shapes, sizes, colors and lengths. We only supply the best quality dried flowers, mainly from Dutch growers. We deliver your order quickly and professionally throughout Europe. Our dried flowers have a long shelf life, we call that a "vase guarantee" of at least six months, so sustainable and good for the environment.

Bries aan Zee has been active online since 2018 with a wide range of dried flowers and has developed into the specialist in dried flowers. Together with our partners, we work every day to deliver the perfect dried flowers. We call this process "From seed to dried flowers on the table". After all, every dried flower, large or small, starts as a small seed and grows, with the right attention and love, into a beautiful flower. After harvesting the flowers, the drying process begins. We do this drying of the flowers as sustainably and environmentally conscious as possible and then lovingly package and send the dried flowers.

We think it's fantastic to see the end result. Do you have a nice photo of our dried flowers in your interior, share them via Instagram or other social media. You can also email us your photos, who knows, we might use them for our webshop or socials. We wish you a lot of fun ordering your dried flowers online, and if you have any questions, our customer service is ready to answer your questions or comments.