Shells in all shapes, sizes and colors

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The most beautiful shells for decoration can be found at Bries aan Zee. Shells in all shapes, sizes and colors to tinker with. North Sea shells but also shells from distant seas. Decorate your mirrors, tables, chairs, photo frames, lanterns and much more, the possibilities are endless. Use shells to make wreaths, monograms, works of art, table garlands and chandeliers or make candle holders from them.

Shells are the hard parts of mollusks that give these animals strength. The shells on the beach are almost always from clams, snails or squid. Often empty shells on the beach are hundreds of years old, if not thousands of years. You can even find fossils over 100,000 or millions of years old. Only if there are still meat remnants in it or if the two valves are still attached to each other in bivalves, you know that the animal has been alive recently. Cuttlefish have a very fragile shell, they are never old.