650 ProductsPage 1 of 28 Spray for dried flowers
Spray for dried flowers
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€6,90 Fresh Eucalyptus Cinerea
Fresh Eucalyptus Cinerea
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€9,90 Fresh olive branches
Fresh olive branches
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€8,90 Dried Ruscus bleached
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Dried Ruscus bleached
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€12,50 Wreath of Eucalyptus DIY
Wreath of Eucalyptus DIY
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€27,50 Dried Eucalyptus Leaves
Dried Eucalyptus Leaves
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€9,50 Dried Flower Bouquet Amelia
Dried Flower Bouquet Amelia
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€47,50 Dried flower bouquet Maria
Dried flower bouquet Maria
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€39,50 Dried Glixia natural
Dried Glixia natural
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€17,50 Dried Phalaris white natural
Dried Phalaris white natural
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€12,50 Dried Rhodante white
Dried Rhodante white
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Flowers have a unique way of brightening our lives and putting a smile on our faces. Whether you're looking for fresh flowers to celebrate a special occasion, dried flowers to brighten up your home, silk flowers for lasting beauty, craft supplies to unleash your creativity or floristry items to flex your green fingers, has it all. With an impressive range of 15,000 items, this online flower shop has become the destination for flower lovers throughout Europe.

An Abundance of Fresh Flowers

The heart of consists of an abundance of fresh flowers. Whether you're looking for romantic roses, colorful tulips, fragrant lilies or exotic orchids, you're sure to find something to suit your taste and occasion. With the option to order fresh flowers, you can transform your space into an oasis of freshness and beauty.

Dried flowers for Sustainability

For those who love the aesthetic of flowers but long for a more sustainable option, offers a beautiful selection of dried flowers. These flowers retain their beauty for a long time and require no maintenance. They are perfect for creating bouquets, floral arrangements and decorations that will last all year round.

Silk Flowers - For Eternal Beauty

Silk flowers are another popular choice at They radiate eternal beauty and can be used again and again without wilting. These flowers are ideal for weddings, parties and other special occasions where you want to make a lasting impression.

Craft materials for Creative Expressions

For the creative ones among us, offers a range of craft materials. Whether you want to create a personal flower arrangement, frame flowers or start a DIY project, you'll find everything you need to bring your ideas to life.

Floristry items for the Green Fingers

For those who like to make flower arrangements and arrangements themselves, offers a range of floristry items. From vases and floral oasis to tools and accessories, you have access to everything you need to put your green thumb to work.

Easy Online Shopping and Fast Delivery makes online shopping easy and convenient. With an easy-to-use website and a wide range of payment options, you can order your favorite flowers and supplies with just a few clicks. Moreover, they offer fast delivery throughout Europe, so you can quickly enjoy your purchases.

Let Flowers Speak with

Whether you are looking for flowers to brighten up your home, a gift for a loved one or want to express your creativity in a bouquet, is the ultimate destination for flower lovers in Europe. With a huge range of fresh flowers, dried flowers, silk flowers, craft materials and floristry items, is the place where flowers speak and beauty blossoms.

So what are you waiting for? Visit and discover the extensive range of flowers and flower-related products that can enrich your life with their color and scent. Order today and let flowers bring the magic into your world.