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Hanging eucalyptus branches in your shower, good idea!

Hanging eucalyptus branches in your shower, good idea!

Hanging eucalyptus in your shower is becoming an increasing trend. Rightly so! Not only does it look nice (check Pinterest and Instagram under the hashtag #eucalyptusshower), but it's healthy too! We have listed the advantages for you. Eucalyptus branches not only look nice as decoration, they also make your bathroom smell wonderful and they also have health benefits.


Aids for stuffy nose, sinusitis and bronchitis
Warm water + eucalyptus = steam that opens your airways. Research on steaming with eucalyptus oil confirms that it can help relieve the discomfort of a cold or nasal congestion caused by seasonal allergies. With eucalyptus branches in your shower you achieve a slightly less intense, but comparable effect. Eucalyptus can also help asthmatics to breathe easier.

Most people find peace under a nice warm shower, but eucalyptus also contains an ingredient (eucalyptol) that scientists say has a relaxing effect.


Less aches
There is a reason that eucalyptus is often used as an ingredient in treatments for headaches and muscle pain, because it increases the flow of blood to the treated area, reducing inflammation and pain. Meanwhile, researchers discovered that breathing eucalyptus vapors can also reduce pain.

Are you really not a morning person? Good news: The oil that evaporates from your eucalyptus branches in a warm shower can help wake you up. By opening up your airways, more oxygen gets into your blood. And when oxygenated blood flows to your brain, you feel sharper and more awake.

Mental boost
Every plant lover knows it, but it is also confirmed by science: plants in your living space provide a comfortable, calming feeling. And we could all use that, right?

Order now!
Order your fresh eucalyptus cinerea branches at Bries aan Zee, we will deliver them to your home within 1 to 2 working days. Tie the branches together with a rubber band or some rope and hang them in your shower, for example on the shower head. Make sure that the branches hang close to the water jet, but not directly in the water. This way you get the best effect. And then: shower!


Fresh Eucalyptus Cinerea


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